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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Manner of Life Quotient

The previous post has gotten me thinking about how subjective the phrase Manner of Life is and how the move toward an Anglican Covenant is a way of providing some stability to the situation. I would suggest that there is another way to take subjectivity out of the decisions around who can be a Bishop. It is the development of a Manner of Life Quotient. This is how it would work. First everyone would agree on a number of criteria upon which a candidate for the episcopacy should be judged. Second each candidate would go through a thorough investigation process and be given a numerical score on each section. Then those scores would be calculated to give you a Manner of Life score. Each section would be weighted differently based on how much importance is placed on it in scripture and our tradition. So homosexuality would be weighted very lightly, while giving and generosity would be weighted very heavily. So someone could be gay and be very generous and score higher that a stingy straight person. This should clear it all up. I hope to have the criteria and scoring worked out by sometime next week. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Cori said...

I wonder about gluttony - while it is a certain type of greed, should it be put in separately? It is easy to see in a person's life - as I witness daily!