"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." Mark Twain

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gene Robinson, Luckiest man on Earth?

Yesterday invitations were mailed to what could be the most boring gathering in the universe. Picture this, 800 bishops, almost all old men gathered together in a Castle in England for two weeks, talking about church. Theologically I have to ask why a God of love and kindness would allow this sort of gathering.
This is why I am voting Gene Robinson, the Bishop of New Hampshire the luckiest man on the planet. Why? Because he did not get invited. As a gay man his "manner of life", whatever the hell that means, has excluded him from the invite list. Archbishop Rowan Williams for some reason thought that this was the best way to make conservatives happy. Meanwhile in the rest of the world nobody really cares about anything that Anglicans or the Episcopal Church are doing. We are quickly becoming the most irrelevant church on the planet to anyone under the age of 50.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hip Priest

Ok I know its been a while since there has been any real activity on Anglican Underground, well that is about to change. We are adding two more contributors, one from the West coast in San Francisco, Rev Jen Hornbeck. And one from the east coast in Boston the Rev Gareth Evans. These are two of the coolest priests I have met recently and I know they will add even more thrilling and hysterical content to the blog. This got me to thinking, if someone was moving to a new city and wanted to find out where to find cool, hip and progressive young priests doing exciting ministry in the Episcopal Church where would they look? How would you locate such a church? Anglican Underground has come to the rescue. We are inviting you to submit names and churches that you feel meet the criteria. We will compile the list and keep it archived under Hip Priests.
Submit your names to me at jlucas71@gmail.com we will review your submission, do some research and if we conclude the name you submitted qualifies we will post their information on Anglican Underground. This of course will give them instant notoriety and inflate their ego, and immediately disqualify them as hip. But we shall see how it goes. So here is what we want to know; 1.) Their name, Church, City, State and a description of their ministry. 2.) Convince us with your best evidence. Don't just tell us they are nice. We know lots of nice people that would not qualify. 3.) Don't call us we'll call you. Within a week or two, if we find you information compelling we will write a post about them and archive their name forever under Hip Priest at Anglican Underground.
Lastly. We are only going to say this once, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances submit your own name. No matter how hip you think you are this is a sure indication to the contrary.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

No Interest

Ok I couldn't resist this story about former N.J. Govorner McGreevey going to seminary. My favorite part is the quote from Bruce Parker, communication director at the seminary that "We have many people studying here who have no interest in becoming a priest"